This is the virtual World of Bifurcation (WOB)

Bifurcation has shown to be a basic mechanism explaining critical phenomena. Synonyms as tilt-over points or tipping points are in wide use. There is a world of bifurcation. Examples are most helpful in understanding such nonlinear phenomena. WOB combines a database of bifurcation problems with a tutorial on nonlinear phenomena.

WOB is designed to be part of a virtual university. The approach is example-oriented and experimental. The emphasis is on examples that are application-oriented.

Access: WOB will be kept available on an online basis. The current version includes 15 examples. For comments please contact the editor. Suggestions are welcome.

For basic introduction, more examples, and references see R.Seydel: Practical Bifurcation and Stability Analysis. Third Edition. Springer, Interdisciplinary Applied Mathematics Vol.5, New York 2010. This textbook also explains computational methods.
WOB includes figures in postscript format. The figures may be downloaded and used if proper reference is made. The same holds for the tutorials.

Reference of this collection:
R. Seydel (Ed.): World of Bifurcation. Online Collection and Tutorials of Nonlinear Phenomena. 1999.
(See also the reference of 2010 mentioned above.)