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This is the virtual World of Bifurcation (WOB)
Version January 2001

WOB combines a database of bifurcation problems with a tutorial on nonlinear phenomena.

WOB is designed to be part of a virtual university. The approach is example-oriented and experimental. The emphasis is on examples that are application-oriented.

Access: WOB will be kept available on an online basis, future versions also via CD-ROM. The current version WOB99 is a test version with a selection of 15 examples. For comments please contact the editor. Suggestions are most welcome.

It is planned to extend WOB into several directions. Additional parts are in preparation.
WOB includes figures in postscript format. The figures may be downloaded and used if proper reference is made. The same holds for the tutorials.

R. Seydel (Ed.): World of Bifurcation. Online Collection and Tutorials of Nonlinear Phenomena. WOB99, 1999.